Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Blog!

Paul and I decided to start a blog together.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A smattering of thoughts

I had my bridal shower today.
[It was really special to be surrounded by people that mean so much to me]

I'm getting married in 41 days.
[Sometimes it still doesn't feel real. Most times, actually]

We printed our wedding invitations today.
[I wish I had better handwriting for the addressing part]

Life is deliriously happy.
[Even though finals week starts on Saturday]

The nursing program is difficult.
[But it is really cool that I can actually feel myself progressing]

Bowling is not my strong suit.
[I wish this were not the case]

This is going to be the best summer of my entire life.
[And I plan on making that statement true for every summer to come]

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Keep on keepin' on

I was hanging out with Ashley on Sunday and she showed me her "blog book"
I was so impressed with it and so she encouraged me to blog more here I am.

Life has been hectic.
In addition to the wedding planning (which really hasn't been that stressful cause I enjoy it so much), I have had a bajillion tests, papers, etc.
Once upon a time, I loved taking tests.
I would always get A's and feel good about myself.
Now, I dread test taking.
I study my butt off for a few days, expect a good grade and then come to find I did very poorly.

Each test I have taken this semester has been so discouraging!
As my grades drop, so does my self-esteem.
Last night was one of those nights.
I don't think I could handle this semester if it weren't for Paul.
That boy is so dang amazing!
He let me cry for a while, but then he stepped in and got me to cheer up.
He didn't say anything profound or mind-blowing, rather, he was just himself: kind, patient and loving.

At the end of the whole ordeal, I learned something.
The kind of person I am is not determined by the test scores I receive.
That may seem completely obvious to you, but it took me a really long time to learn that lesson.
Thank you, Paul.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Life is absolutely insane right now... but I love it.
First and foremost, I am engaged to Paul Hannibal!!
It happened late on Friday night (Jan 21st).
It was a complete surprise.
I wasn't expecting anything til late February.
However, Paul was all sorts of sneaky and bought the ring without me even know.
He did such a great job :]
I seriously love it.

The date for the wedding is set: May 26, 2011
And today, I made one of my biggest purchases--
Airplane tickets!
Paul and I are flying home a week before the wedding so I can be with my family the first time I go through the Temple. I am so dang excited!
Life is good.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I think one of the best ways to attain goals is to write them down and make them known. So here it goes, my resolutions!

  1. Write in my journal at least once a month-- blogging does not count.
  2. Perform an act of service once a week (Y serve, here I come!)
  3. Learn how to cook 12 new meals-- one a month... or just a bunch this summer :]
  4. Improve my sewing skills by completing an apron, a skirt, pajama pants and Christmas stockings. (I'm trying to elicit help from Ashley on this one)
  5. Actually try in school. I put forth a good effort, but I can do better. Plus, I need to maintain my scholarship or else I'm in trouble. Which leads me to goal #6...
  6. Make a budget and stick to it.
  7. Get healthy-- No junk food during the week and lots of exercise!
  8. Read some type of church material every day [Scriptures, Ensign, Preach My Gospel, etc.]
  9. Find ways to step out of my comfort zone.
  10. Take time to appreciate what's around me, especially nature.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Festivities

My favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve.
It's the day we actually do stuff, whereas Christmas is reserved for lounging and be lazy all the day long.
The first thing we do to celebrate on Christmas Eve is to have a grand dinner. Usually, it's like Thanksgiving, only we have honey baked ham instead of turkey. This year, however, we switched things up and had a German Christmas meal. It was way tasty and fun to try something new.
Following dinner, we gather in the family room and sing Christmas Hymns. Not to brag, but I think my family makes up a fine little choir. I decided this year that my favorite Christmas hymn is With Wondering Awe. It's a good song yes, but I love it because of the family memories I have attached to it.
Once singing concludes, we do a family testimony meeting. This is my absolute favorite part of the year. It's a time when we all take a moment to stand and bear testimony, as well as reflect on the year and how we have been blessed and how we have moved forward and grown. It's a really special time.
After the Spiritual portion, things get fun. All the nieces and nephews open presents and usually we play a dice game where we have a huge jackpot of presents to win. We postponed it this year and did it a few days later when more siblings could make it.
The final Christmas Eve tradition is to watch the George C. Scott version of "A Christmas Carol". Once the movie is over, it's bedtime!

Then Christmas morning happens. It's pretty chill now days, since we're all grown up. I realized this year that Christmas day won't be that exciting again until I have kids of my own. Alas, we opened presents and I was surprised with a new camera and riding boots. My parents are so generous.
Normally, we have the same breakfast each Christmas morning-- breakfast casserole and sticky buns. I HATE breakfast casserole. The sticky buns are delish, but ugh that casserole makes me wanna hurl. Now, seeing that I was the only child home, I voted that we pass on the casserole and make waffles instead. And it was so! I was quite pleased by this. I ended up making the waffles while my mom made some sausage and other breakfasty sides. It was yummy.
This is the third year that we have decided to see a movie on Christmas. This year, it was Tangled. I fell in LOVE with that movie. Way good... and I cannot wait to watch it again.

And that is essentially what we did for Christmas. It's spent hanging out with the fam and relaxing. I love it. It has been so nice to be home with all these people I love. Three cheers for holidays!